My fervent hope with Penang2030, a vision and an approach that has been worked out after consultation with stakeholders at all levels, is that it will encourage citizens to participate in policy making and to take responsibility for their own future. Getting the general population involved and interested in policy making is really about encouraging them to be proactive and to exercise greater control over their lives. The government's job is to advise, stimulate and facilitate citizen participation, and steer matters towards the common good.

With help from Penang Institute and Think City, and other advisors that my office has access to, my government would like to herewith present The Penang2030 Guide to the public. It is an evolving document that expresses my goal to not leave anyone behind as Penang moves on towards to greater heights. It also aims to inspire the rest of the country through its willingness to collaborate with stakeholders for the good of the state and the country.

Penang2030 is in many ways my invitation to everyone concerned with the wellbeing of Penang to work with each other and with the many arms of the government, to make Penang a place that is even more enviable than it already is.

In that ambition alone, Penang2030 is already unique. It is not a blueprint filled with projects that the government promises to carry out, even if there are many projects already planned for the coming years. Instead, it is an opening of the door to the private sector, to civil society, to academicians and to individuals, to participate in discussions with the government and in the formulation of projects adapted to Penang's special conditions.

The language used in this guide, in this invitation to you, may be technical in some ways, but we have tried to use terms meaningful to people who are concerned about their society and their fellows, and about our common future.

I have put in place channels through which the people of Penang can easily express their thoughts, and these will keep the state government and its agencies informed about how they are doing over the next decade.

Penang 2030

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